Volleyball 2023


Competitive Volleyball

There is a Senior A and Senior B team in Term 1 and a Senior team for term 4. 

Term 4 for Juniors will be Junior A, Junior B, 9A and 9B

Games: Seniors play on Thursday afternoons 

Juniors play on Tuesdays afternoons

Cost: Varies per team

Venue: QEYC or Trustpower

Events: Seniors - New Zealand Secondary School Championships for Senior A and Senior B 27th March- 31st March

Junior North Islands' - 21st Nov - 24th Nov 


Social Volleyball

 2023 Term 1 Registration Form

 Date: Wednesday afternoons for Juniors

Thursday for Seniors

Cost: $55

Venue: QEYC 


Staff in Charge of Volleyball

Treena Blythe - [email protected]

Stef Belworthy - [email protected]

Social volleyball contact- Lucy Backus - [email protected]