Sports Awards


Supreme Awards 2023


The Best All-Round Year 9 Sports Performer Trophy - Brooke Valois




Active Outdoor Clothing Award for an Outstanding Sporting Achievement at Junior Level - Rosie Rex (absent for photo) 


The House of Travel Trophy - A Junior who represents TGC in a variety of sports and demonstrates leadership qualities - Michaela McNaughten




Junior Sports Girl of the Year - Ruby Jones




Excellence in an individual Sport - The Rowlands Trophy - Ella Hill


Ella - individual sport.jpg











Outstanding Sportswoman at Year 11 or Year 12 - The Chica Gilmer Trophy - Pahlyss Hokianga




Trophy for Outstanding all-round Excellence in Sport - Arianna Roberts




Sports Team of the Year - Premier 3x3 Basketball team


Basketball 3x3.jpg


Christine Hammond Trophy for Outstanding Commitment to TGC Sport including assisting others - Maia Kahura




Aneta Reweti Cup for Sportswomen of the Year - Ella Hill


Ella - Sportswoman.jpg