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Here in the newshub you can keep up to date with the achievements and activities happening for our students at TGC. Students are constantly involved in all areas across the curriculum, and this is not limited to sports, arts and academics. Clubs and events organised within the school provide opportunities to experience a wide range of activities to help students find their passion and unlock their full potential.

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Uniform Update 24 January 2020 - TGC Shirt low in stock
NZ Uniforms has informed us that they are running out of TGC Uniform Shirts. Some sizes are already sold out. This is beyond the school’s control and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. The good news is that TGC has a plan to assist you if your size has sold out

Place an order for a new shirt with NZ Uniform so they can guarantee you will get one when the new stock arrives
Wear the uniform you were wearing last year until the new stock arrives
Buy a 2018 school logo polo shirt for $10 (heavily reduced to support you and us at this time) at NZ Uniform or at Activewear as a temporary measure until your order arrives
If 1-3 does not work for you, and you are a junior you can wear your PE Uniform top (not PE shorts) until your order arrives.



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Events Calendar

Today - Sat 1 Feb

Mon 27 Jan 2020

Auckland Anniversary

Tue 28 Jan 2020

Colleague Only Day 8.30am

Wed 29 Jan 2020

Powhiri-Yr9, new staff,students

Location: Sports Hall
8.40am - 9.30am Powhiri
9.30am Kai

Wed 29 Jan 2020

Yr 13 students 8.40am-midday

Wed 29 Jan 2020

Staff Photo

Wed 29 Jan 2020

Orientation for new Yr10-13

Yr10 - Yr13 Deans

Wed 29 Jan 2020

Yr 13 ID & class photos

Thu 30 Jan 2020

Yr 13 Camp

Thu 30 Jan 2020

Yr 9 Students attend

Fri 31 Jan 2020

Yr 13 Camp

Fri 31 Jan 2020

Yr9 & 10 students attend