Some of our students competed in The Evolution Winter Champs 3 day swim meet at the beginning of August. There were a number of competitiors travelling from Auckland and Hamilton as well as the Bay of Plenty.

We had the following students comeptiting: 

Ella Webb

Laura Thompson - made 3 finals

Taimana Randall - made 1 final

Jessica Pilbrow - made 2 finals and placed 3rd in the 50m Breaststroke

Katie Hills - made 4 finals and places 1st in 50m Breaststoke, 2nd in 200m Breaststroke

Niamh Manning - made 2 finals

Shalei Brewer - made 2 finals

Keira Allott - made 8 finals and she got 4 1st, a 2nd and she made 2 BOP records! 

Jade Schumacher

Emily Pilbrow

Well done to all the girls these are great results!




School swimming sports- Term 1 

BOPSS Swimming Championships - March

NZSS Swimming Championships - Hamilton 20th August - 23rd August


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Staff in charge:

TIC- Mrs Jill Noble - [email protected]