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Term 1

21 January - 9 April

Term 2

28 April - 3 July

Term 3

20 July - 25 September

Term 4

12 October - tbc




Enrolment Checklist

  • Complete your Enrolment Form.
  • Complete your Subject Selection Form.
  • Include a photocopy of your daughter’s most recent school report.
  • Include a photocopy of any examination results if your daughter is enrolling for Year 12 or Year 13.
  • Include proof of residence in the Tauranga Girls’ College zone; a copy of a household account such as a rental agreement, rate notice, electricity or telephone account that clearly shows the address and caregivers name.


  • Include a photocopy of your daughter’s New Zealand Birth Certificate or Passport showing residency status.
  • Make an appointment for an interview through your contributing school or telephone the College on (07) 578-8114.
  • Medication form completed and included if applicable.
  • Completed Internet User Agreement.
  • Learning Support/Gifted and Talented.
  • Mobile Adolescent Dental Service (MADS) application completed (if required).


2020 TGC Prospectus

Year 9 Course Info_Info docs.png

Year 9 Course and Subject Information

Enrolment Form_Info docs.png

Enrolment Form

Learning Support


We would like to support your daughter’s additional learning needs during her time at Tauranga Girls' College. In order to provide this assistance, we require signed permission from both you and your daughter, along with any supporting information or reports that you are able to provide. We also need your permission to contact her previous school(s) and supporting agencies (e.g. Te Whānau Kotahi or MICAMHS) to ensure that we have full information to develop her support plan.

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Curriculum Guide 2020


Information about all subjects offered at Tauranga Girls’ College from Years 10 to 13.

The aim of this site is to provide information on the subjects available at Tauranga Girls' College. For each available subject there is the following information; a course description including, an indication of topics that will be covered; credits available in the subject; an indication of associated field trips and workshops and an indication of associated costs.


Subject Selection Forms, Fees & Stationery Lists


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Content: BYOC Details
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Feeling Unwell


Students who are ill during the day, or who are injured while at school, are attended to in the Health Centre. Students who wish to visit the centre during classes must get a signed Health Centre slip from their subject teacher before leaving the class.
Students who require medication during the day should leave it with the nurse. If a student is too ill to return to class, her parents will be notified to make arrangements for her transport home.
A student may not go home when sick without permission. A student is not to phone or text her parents directly, she must go through the Health Centre and the Nurse will contact her parents.




Students must always, on the first day of return to College after any absence, bring a note signed by their parent, stating the reason for and date of their absence and give it to their whanau teacher or Parents can ring the office to inform the school of an absence.
Contact Office / Online Form 

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TGC Uniform


Every student attending Tauranga Girls’ College agrees on enrolment to wear the uniform fully and correctly. The manner in which our students present themselves for daily work reflects their sense of pride. To maintain personal status and high standards for our College, it is important that all our students are well presented.



NZ Uniform Shop, Elizabeth Street

Lenco, SHORTS ONLY, see details below

Active Schoolwear, Grey Street

Footwear: Active Outdoor Clothing, Hannahs, Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, The Warehouse


Uniform Update 24 January 2020 - TGC Shirt low in stock

NZ Uniforms has informed us that they are running out of TGC Uniform Shirts. Some sizes are already sold out. This is beyond the school’s control and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. The good news is that TGC has a plan to assist you if your size has sold out.

  1. Place an order for a new shirt with NZ Uniform so they can guarantee you will get one when the new stock arrives
  2. Wear the uniform you were wearing last year until the new stock arrives
  3. Buy a 2018 school logo polo shirt for $10 (heavily reduced to support you and us at this time) at NZ Uniform or at Activewear as a temporary measure until your order arrives
  4. If 1-3 does not work for you, and you are a junior you can wear your PE Uniform top (not PE shorts) until your order arrives.


Just a few reminders

The Polo is NOT school uniform - it was phased out 2018. The shirt/blouse is uniform. There are two versions and BOTH are regulation uniform. The 2020 version has the logo on it and slightly different fabric. Both are sold ONLY by NZ Uniform. Shorts are only sold by LENCO.
Trouser options are being explored once school starts. We will have two suppliers in due course (Activewear are not supported by TGC). Check out the TGC Facebook page for more information.




Years 9-11 Navy blue / mid blue check polyester (material pattern BPW096) pleated skirt. Knee length. Years 12-13 Navy blue - polyester pleated skirt. Knee length.



The new TGC shorts can only be purchased through Lenco either online at or in store at "Stitch by Stitch", 1344 Cameron Road, Gate Pa. Please note the official short has the TGC logo.



Tauranga Girls’ College monogrammed white blouse with blue striped collar. (New in 2019, not polo)  All students will wear the blouse in 2020. Years 9 + 13 Students are expected to wear the blouse.


Jersey or Micro-fleece

Tauranga Girls’ College, navy blue, striped V-neck woollen jersey or Tauranga Girls' College, navy blue, monogrammed zip front fleece.




Plain white or black ankle socks or black pantyhose. Black polishable leather regulation lace-up school shoes or blue or black Roman Sandals in summer (flat sole ballet type lace up shoes are not acceptable).



Tauranga Girls’ College regulation jacket or Tauranga Girls’ College blazer



Navy Blue or Black



Business shirt, Tauranga Girls’ College tie.


Physical Education

Navy shorts.
Tauranga Girls’ College t-shirt Swimwear (not bikinis) For winter, navy blue tracksuit pants or the regulation tracksuit pants and sports shoes are optional.



A wrist watch, one sleeper or stud in each ear and hair ribbons of school colour are permitted.



Bank Account Details


The college bank account number is 01-0475-0055400-00.

As reference, please quote the student's name and if possible, what payment is for.
Additional details of payment can be emailed to [email protected]

Donations Scheme and what it means for families


Tauranga Girls’ College have opted into the Ministry of Education's School Donations Scheme for the 2020 year.

This decision has been made in line with the school’s first emergent strategic intent of Flexible Student-centred Learning. Learning is designed to include opportunities where every student is encouraged to explore, challenge and innovate so that they may thrive now and move forward with confidence. The Board considers the reduction in costs to parents a likely contributor to increased student participation in the rich learning opportunities the school offers.

While the $150 per student offered under the Ministry’s scheme will not cover fully the cost of the opportunities provided to our students, the scheme gives the Board the opportunity to review our community funding sources and reduce the burden on families. It is the Board’s expectation that we will maintain the current learning offering to our students.

The Board acknowledges the scheme is likely to incur a financial cost to the school. Although it is impossible to quantify exactly the cost of this scheme the Board endeavours to underwrite the financial cost to enable the school to trial the scheme for the first year without impacting on the rich learning opportunities afforded to our students. Any voluntary donation that you make will of course assist us and we thank you for your commitment to our school by doing this.

The actual cost of the scheme will be able to be quantified before the decision for the 2021 year needs to be made.

Yvonne Handley,
Chair - Tauranga Girls' College Board of Trustees

You will note that because we have opted into the donations scheme a fees list does not exist but some costs will still need to be paid under this scheme. Some curriculum items have been clarified below. Note that extra-curricular activity costs such as sport, will still incur costs and will be charged to families.

Printing – all students will be credited with $3 to their printing account at no cost to the student. From the historical information we have we believe this should cover students’ printing requirements for the year, with the exception of some subject areas that have a traditionally higher print cost, students in these areas will be given an extra credit amount. Please note, it is the responsibility of the student to be efficient in the use of this balance.

  • Workbooks – Where workbooks are part of the curriculum, the student will have the option to buy a write on workbook which they will keep. If the student does not wish to purchase a workbook to write in, there will be an option to receive a workbook that will be returned to the teacher at the end of the year or unit of work, not written in so they are available for other students to use.
  • Software resources – These will be provided by the school while the student is at school. If a student chooses to load and use software on their own devices for home, there will be a charge.
  • Curriculum Day trips – these will now be paid for by the school e.g. Bio trip to Maketu
  • Overnight trips – we will ask for a contribution to the cost of these trips.
  • Food – there will be no charge for food for food technology and hospitality classes.
  • Art, Textiles and Hard Materials – There will be a charge for the materials used for projects as the item is made to take home.