Debating @TGC


Weekly meetings in A10 after school, 3:20-4:30 - Tuesdays for Years 9 & 10; Thursdays for Years 11-13. Some competition debates held at TBC.

Who/how can a student be involved?

Any student interested in gaining any level of debating experience.



There is no cost. There is a charge for entry to the National Debating competition but this is paid by the English Department.





What do we do?

We hold practice debates for Y9 and Y10 students who want to learn how to debate. We enter teams into a local (WBOP) schools competition - 2 debates each term in terms 1 & 2. We also enter teams into the National Debating competition from which the regional team is selected and a developmental tournament - each of these taking place over a whole Saturday. We also discuss lots of topics and argue quite a bit. It is lots of fun but also involves research and speech writing sort of stuff.


Teacher in charge Mr Rumbold

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