Music Opportunities


The Tauranga Girls’ College Music Department has a tradition of excellence in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.


The Music Department functions as a “second home” with strong support networks and a culture of inclusiveness and teamwork. Senior students act as mentors to the younger students and life-long friendships are forged in the rehearsal rooms of the Music Suite.


Enrolments for all of the College music activities are done by filling in an enrolment form in the first two weeks of the academic year. 


Bangers and Smash and Flying Sticks Percussion Ensemble

There are currently two percussion ensembles running at lunch breaks - one for more experienced musicians and another for those that are new to the art form. Any student who can read music and likes the idea of artistically banging and crashing their way through their lunch hour is welcome to apply for a place in these groups.

Big Band

The Big Band is a prestigious jazz group at TGC that has been running for over 20 years. The group is composed of brass, saxes and a rhythm section. Historically, the group has done extremely well on a national level, even taking out the award for the best big band in the country back in 2011!

Chamber Music

Small ensembles of between 3 - 9 instrumental players of similar experience are formed each year. The range of music played by these groups varies widely depending on each groups preferences and the skill of its members. These groups rehearse once a week at various times and perform at school concerts and community events. The chamber groups often compete in the regional competitions and over the years have accumulated an impressive collection of awards.


The choir is a great group for beginners in singing who are looking to improve their vocal technique or even singers who are just starting their singing journey. If you want to get into singing this is the group you! You decide what songs you want to sing as a group so you will always be singing something you are interested in no matter what genre it is.

‘Chicks with Picks’ Guitar Ensemble

‘Chick with Picks’ Guitar Ensemble is made up of guitars supported by a rhythm section. The combination may be simple, but the group themselves are extremely dynamic. They play modernised versions of classical songs, funky upbeat tunes and somber ballads. The ensemble often wins gold at the Waikato music festival each year.

Funk Band

The Funk band is similar to the rock bands except that they play music which is a merge of jazz, soul, r ‘n’ b and rock. If you are a singer, guitarist, drummer, keyboard player or bass guitarist who visualises themself as NZ's own Stevie Wonder or James Brown, then this might be the place where you find your groove.

Jazz Combo

The jazz combo is a small 5 piece group. The instruments included in this group vary from year to year depending on the skills and interest of the students involved. The current group is composed of a vibraphone, guitar, bass, drums and a vocalist. This group performs a range of pieces within the jazz realm from the classics to the hits. This group has done extremely well in the past couple of years, winning many titles at the national youth jazz competition including the award for the best jazz combo in New Zealand.

Luminosa Armonia Chorale

The Luminosa Armonia Chorale is a high caliber choir of around 35-40 singers. The group learns a large repertoire of songs, often involving foreign languages and its singers are dedicated to developing an advanced level of vocal technique and musical skill. The chorale annually competes in the WBOP regional Big Sing competition where it often features amongst the recipients of the days top awards. The chorale has also travelled overseas several times to compete internationally and has come away with Gold awards on each occasion. The last trip was to Sydney in 2016 where the group had the honour of performing at the Sydney Opera House.

Production Band

Each year Tauranga Boys' and Girls' Colleges combine to produce a stage production. A student band supported by professional musicians accompanies the acting, singing and dancing in each production. The instruments required changes depending on the choice of production. Sitting alongside professional musicians is a fabulous way to learn the art of playing as a pit musician. If you are a proficient instrumental player and you would like to be part of the pit orchestra, make yourself known to the music staff.



Whether you’re a singer, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist or bassist, there is a place for you in a TGC rock band! Each band is entirely unique and performs a wide range of songs of their own choosing. The bands have the opportunity to compete at the annual rock fest alongside other rock bands in Tauranga which is a yearly highlight. TGC bands have taken out some top awards in the past and hopefully will continue to do so!

Sax Combo

The saxophone combo is a small group made up entirely out of saxophones with a rhythm section backing. The group is known for their funky and groovy sound that is not traditionally seen on stage. The combo performs in local concerts and competes at annual regional competitions where they have done extremely well. If you have been learning sax for a few years then check this group out.

Sonic Fusion

Sonic Fusion is a brand new group that was introduced this year. This large choir is made up of students from Tauranga Boys' and Girls' Colleges. The group rehearses after school once a week and everyone works hard to develop their vocal technique but they have a lot of fun along the way. If you are able to sing in tune and enjoy singing a wide range of music then this may be the group for you!

String Ensemble

A small group of the schools string players meet once a week after school to hone their musical skills and enjoy the experience of playing together. Senior students support the up and coming violinists, viola players and cellists as they learn a variety of music and prepare for concerts and festivals. Many of these students go on to play in the school shows or community and youth orchestras.

Symphonic Band

The symphonic band is a distinguished group at TGC, made up of musicians who play a large range of orchestral instruments. This group is the largest of the music groups at TGC, and can be seen at concerts and competitions playing classical pieces, movie soundtracks and show stoppers as well as modern pieces. This group consistently excels at competitions and often compete at national level.

The LBD’s (Little Black Dresses)

Named after their performing uniform, the LBD’s is Tauranga Girls' Colleges answer to Glee! This show choir is made up of 12 senior singers who perform contemporary and musical theatre songs. Backed up by a live band, this choir incorporates the same high level technique as the Chorale but also involves choreography. This group is a favourite amongst audiences. The LBD's annually compete at regional competitions and at community concerts and like the Chorale, they have a long string of awards to their credit.

Tonal Eclipse

Tonal Eclipse is the junior school's answer to the LBD’s. Like the senior group it is composed of 12 singers accompanied by a live band, who focus on musical theatre and contemporary pieces. The group serves as a training ground for junior students who are looking to learn vocal technique and improve their singing ability but want to sing in a more contemporary style.

Itinerant Music
Lessons are available for all of the orchestral and band instruments, singing, piano and keyboard. Most of these are free and instruments are available from the school. Enrolment forms for these are available from your daughters Tutor Teacher, the Music Department foyer and on the school website.

Please email Miss Geor at [email protected] if you require more information about these activities.