Introducing our 2021 Learning Prefects:


The learning committee aims to create a learning environment where learning is enjoyable for all. It does this via three sub-committees: Student Wellbeing, Community and Kaitiakitanga.

The Student Wellbeing committee focuses on improving student life at our kura.

The Community committee focuses on connecting Tauranga Girls' College with the community by giving back.

The Kaitiakitanga committee works on making our kura more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Back row: Mahnoor Qadri (Kaitiakitanga prefect), Catherine Bircumshaw (Community prefect), Emily Trask (Student Wellbeing prefect), Leah Bentz (Community prefect), Lola Vahey Bourne (Student Wellbeing prefect)

Front Row: Hannah Taniwha (Student Wellbeing prefect), Olivia Simmonds (Community prefect), Ashlen Kaur (Deputy Head Girl Learning), Lia Chalmers (Kaitiakitanga prefect)

2021 Learning Prefect Team 2.jpg