Step 1: Remote Access Client Installation - Only Done Once per Device

This is a replacement for your VPN(1) instructions that you have been using. This will give you the same as using the VPN(1)
You will still need to use the KAMAR(2) to get KAMAR working correctly.

The below is a set of instructions on how to connect creating a secure VPN connection (replacement). 

1. Please open the following URL in Internet Explorer 
IMAGE ----

2. Login with your username and password that you use to login to your laptop.

3. After you login, please download and install the appropriate Remote Access client (software) for your device

These applications allow you to make the secure connectiont o your school network

NOTE: The one for your laptop is called F5 Windows Client (shown in the image below) as below for the first time by clicking on it.
IMAGE --- 
4. This will download and then you will need to run this application all the way through until it says finish.
After downloading and installing the client for your device, you can use it to connect to your school

Logging on using N4L Remote Access Client

1. To establish a connection, open the N4L Remote Access Client and type in the following address


2. Click Next and Connect. Once you connect, the logon screen appears.


3. Login with your username and password that you use to login to your laptop.

Once the sercure connection to school is made the client will minimize and you will be able to start accessing school resources.

Disconnecting the N4L Remote Access Client

When you've finished working remotely you will need to disconnect.

1. Open the N4L Remote Access client, and select Disconnect

2. Alternatively right click on the N4L Remote Access client in your task tray and select Disconnect


3. Once the Remote Access client has successfully disconnected, you will see this connection status.


If your N4L Remote Access connection remains unused for 15 minutes, the connection will automatically disconnect. The maximum session time supported is 7 days.

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