The Busy Week Gone Past

Health Expo

Monday morning began for Year Nine and Ten with the opportunity to visit the Health Expo staged by our Year 12 Health class, plus the SADD and Environment Committees. When I dropped in it was good to see the Year Nine students busily working their way through the questionnaire provided for them to complete.

Youth Week Concert

This week was Youth Week nationally and we had our annual visit on Tuesday at lunchtime from the local Youth organisers, with free sausages, entertainment from Urban Dance and Studio RZ Youth Band and only the weather not co-operating!

Meline Boekel Rotary Address

On Friday morning Melina shared her 320 day adventure as an exchange student here in New Zealand. As she describes it the experience has changed her life – she is now a confident, helpful young woman who will be kinder to her mother when she goes home. Her adventures included: Attending the Bledisloe Cup All Blacks vs Australia, being sea sick, catching a big fish (over 30 cm), throwing up in a Porsche, trying to keep up with her 79 year old nana, bungee jumping, the Milford Track, visit to Mercury Island and two school balls. Her favourite activity was being part of the TGC Volleyball 2nd team and competing for the school. While she has played volleyball for 8 years for a club, she says the experience of playing for her school was very special. She loved being able to take different classes and experience less academic learning. She also described school as a real experience, especially having to wear uniform and horrible shoes that gave her blisters. And she loved the school hours which are shorter than back home.

Chorale Workshop Friday / Saturday

On Friday and Saturday Rowan Johnson, Head of Music at Westlake Girls’ High School workshopped our chorale through skill development ahead of their planned trip to Sydney. I spent a few minutes with the chorale on Friday afternoon and discovered for myself the sense of humour and rapport that Rowan has with musicians and all things musical. - reported by Principal

Year 13 Ball

A highlight of the weekend was the Year 13 Ball at Classic Flyers, which was a great success on all counts! It was lovely to see so many staff able to attend and to see the positive energy that was created by all those present. Congratulations to everyone involved behind the scenes in producing such an enjoyable event, and particularly to Caroline squared (Caroline Gill and Caroline Bird), Chris Ferguson and our other Year 13 Dean Don Wallis. All over for another year!

Napier Exchange

Terrible weather for travel for Napier Girls’ as they journeyed across to us on Sunday, but a very warm welcome to them from our host families who are billeting them over night. Lovely to see the usual efficiency of matching up home stays, with our senior sports girls taking care of the organisation, at Kaye Barnette’s direction.

FAME Rehearsals

On Sunday afternoon I was able to see the progress being made with our joint school production at a run-through rehearsal of a significant portion of the show. It is looking good! - reported by Principal

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