Student Support


We encourage parents to contact the College (578 8114) for support at any time during the year.


Mrs Melanie Lane
Year 9 Dean

[email protected]

Ph:Ext 747

Mrs Anna Leach
Year 10 Dean

[email protected]

Ph:Ext 770/788

Ms Robyn Mankelow
Year 11 Dean

[email protected]

Ph:Ext 767/747

Mrs Fiona Lochhead
Year 12 Dean

[email protected]

Ph:Ext 766/798

Mrs Kaye Barnett
Year 13 Dean
Director of Sports

[email protected]

Ph:Ext 748

Inclusive Learning Centre

The inclusive learning centre is a centrally located facility that provides a support base for students with a variety of learning needs, such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), anxiety, and dyslexia.

The centre also offers small group learning sessions for students that require significantly adapted academic programmes, using the South Pacific Educational Courses (SPEC) programme, and for those students who are struggling to engage in regular mainstream classes. Individualised programmes and flexibility in the delivery of these programmes are an integral part of their academic success.

Additional support may also be provided by specialist external agencies, such the Ministry of Education - Learning Support, the Northern Health School or MiCAMHS, as necessary on a case-by-case basis.

As students are referred to the Inclusive Learning Centre via their year-level deans and parents are advised to indicate any specific learning needs at enrolment to ensure a smooth transition into the college.


Karen Gilby ext 763


The Careers Department is situated in the Library, where you can find Ann Marie Wilson the Careers Adviser.  Rosemary Wright is the Trades Academy and Gateway Coordinator and works in the Administration block.

Appointments are available most days and can be made by students calling in to organise a mutually acceptable time, or by email request. Students are welcome to bring whanau to their appointment. Timing can be organised out of class hours, to suit.

The Careers department focuses on students transition from school, preparing students for further education and training. The careers department encourages students to make informs decisions by providing information about career pathways.

Careers NZ

Waikato University

Toi Ohomai


Ann Marie Wilson ext 725
Rosemary Wright ext 813

Health Services

Students who are ill during the day, or who are injured while at school, are attended to in the Health Centre. Students who wish to visit the centre during classes must get a signed Health Centre slip from their subject teacher before leaving the class. The Nurse is available to students Monday 8:30 – 2:30, Tuesday 9:00 – 3:00, Wednesday 9:00 – 2:30, Thursday 9:00 – 2:30 and Friday 8:30 – 3:00. If a student is too ill to return to class, her parents will be notified to make arrangements for her transport home.
A student may not go home when sick without permission. A student is not to phone or text her parents directly, she must go through the Health Centre and the Nurse will contact her parents.
A doctor runs a free adolescent medical clinic at the College every Thursday. The Health Co-ordinator is available to students through the Health Centre.
Parents are asked to advise the College of any physical disability or medical condition which could affect the student at school so that correct first aid may be administered in cases of emergency.
Physio - We have a physio on site on Thursday and as required on Tuesdays. Appointments can be made through Bay Physiotherapy Centre on 07 5779798. The first appointment is free of charge.

Bay Physiotherapy

Guidance Counsellors

Requests for an appointment can be made on slips provided at the Guidance Centre (C Block).
Notice of an appointment will be sent to your class.
Ms Judy Burr ext 728
Mrs Sue Ferguson ext 724