World Science ChampionshipsWorld Science Championships

In the World Science (WordPerfect) competitions we are the 3rd best school in NZ, 5th equal in the world and our own 10BTE is best class in the Bay of Plenty. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!

The full results of the competition are:

World-wide: TGC was 14th overall out of 876 schools. Nadia Snegirev was 58th overall out of more than 20 000 competitors.

New Zealand-wide: TGC was 3rd overall out of 253 schools, Nadia 17th in NZ

BOP-wide: TGC was 1st overall (just under 110 000 questions correct) out of 7 schools.
10BTE was the best class in the BOP (out of 200 classes) with 43,375 questions correct and Nadia Snegirev, Clara Chang, Shari Webber and Ellie Faulkner (all year 10) were the top 4 overall students in the BOP.

"Pretty good for our first effort”  Teena Blythe (HOD Science)
And I agree with her! Pauline Cowens (Principal)

To see further information or results please check here

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