The Week That Was ..

Week Seven - Term One, March 14th, 2016. 


Surf Lifesaving

Congratulations to our girls who competed in the Surf Life Saving Nationals last weekend in the Under 14s. With over 900 competitors five of our girls all made finals and four went on to receive medals. Senior Nationals will be held on the 19th and 20th of March at Ohope.

BP Business Challenge

Thank you to everyone involved with the BP Business Challenge and congratulations to KiwiKids Childcare the overall winners (the team was Cindy Cui, Jess Smith, Bianca Ruegg, Danielle Sigley, Josh Ormrod, Grahame Woods, Davis Simanu, Leo Feng).
Congratulations also to Taste who won the Leadership and Innovation award.

Sayonara Party

Another huge thank you to the homestay families, student buddies, teachers and International Department for hosting of the visiting Japanese students over the past two weeks. This group are the first of many groups this year and a returning group that come back every year so it is both important and satisfying that they had a great time!

BOP Athletics and Competitive swimming

This has been a big week for our more serious athletes, with the BOP Athletics on Tuesday and the school’s Competitive Swimming event on Thursday. It was good to hear that we have athletes qualifying for the Waikato Championships and that several swimming records also fell on Thursday.
Thank you to everyone involved in supporting these students to follow their passions.

Joint Schools Production – FAME

This has been a big weekend for the FAME team with auditions from Friday night right through the weekend. Huge numbers auditioning, all very well prepared (It has been reported Brooke Taylor, 13NBL, has been a great organiser) and students have sung, done interpretive drama pieces and danced.

Te Reo Rangitira Noho Marae

Our Te Reo Rangitira students had an overnight stay at Whareroa Marae on Tuesday night, learning about local tikanga and practicing their Reo. This was followed the next day by time on Mauao, both climbing and the more leisurely walk around the base. There is a great photographic record of their adventures in our school photo vault.  

Year 10 Papamoa Hills Trip

81 students from our extension classes made the Papamoa Hills climb on Friday, and we have shared the ‘before’ photo on Twitter so it is one the website if you wish to see the girls all organised to start their day   .

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