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Week Eight - Term One, March 21st, 2016


TLIF Meeting

The parents who came to the library on Monday for the TLIF meeting were very engaged with their daughters’ learning and made the most of the opportunity to interact with their daughters, staff, and the technology.

Tackling Technology Evening

The number of parents attending the Tackling Technology evening was good to see; as was their engagement with the material presented as they took the opportunity for updating their knowledge and to ask questions about supporting their daughters in being safe on-line.

PTA and PTA Fashion Parade

At the PTA meeting on Wednesday evening the PTA accepted the proposal that this year a team work to support them with the event that represents the school production and that the funds raised will go towards the production costs.
This is the 30th anniversary of the fashion parade and the PTA are keen to involve any staff who are interested in being part of the nostalgia section of the event, in clothing appropriate to your teenage era. I did express some reservations about staff interest but am passing on the invitation and the contact is Carol Jenkin at [email protected] .

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic was a great success, with very happy students from Gate Pa and equally happy senior girls engaged with them in entertaining and interacting with them. An annual event that is a real highlight of the calendar for both schools!

Young Innovator Breakfast

At the launch of this year’s Young Innovator competition Georgia Cox 13 BLL, Jessica Cox 11 PTD, Jess Smith 13 MRC and Jaysha Tippins 13 MRC all attended the breakfast at Classic Flyers, to hear the form that this year’s competition will take and to see what previous contestants have achieved. This competition is a great opportunity for the problem solvers among the girls to explore their skills.

Junior Debating

It was good to hear from Chris Rumbold that at the Inter-school Debating on Thursday night at Tauranga Boys’ College both our teams won and did really well on gaining awards: Rosie Adams-Horsley – best speaker, Jasmine Nash 2nd best speaker, with the rest of the group being Gabby Dackers, Kasey Bennett, Mia Marshall and Olympia Magnussen

Hinemoana Voyage

Our girls returned from the Hinemoana voyage on Thursday and there is a very good record of their travels on Facebook at

Flag Debate

Friday’s Bay of Plenty Times, page eight, contained an interesting article on the flag debate, sourced from TGC’s Social Science department. Murray Armstrong maintains a very close real-life link for his students with all things political, including the flag referendum, and the article featured the results of a recent poll of the girls’ opinions on the flag.
It will be interesting to see how closely the girls’, senior or junior, opinions match with the final outcome for the poll.

Music in Primary Schools

On Friday our Big Band travelled to Selwyn Ridge, Welcome Bay and Greenpark schools to perform for students. Pauline Cowens caught up with them at Greenpark and heard just how good they are. They will make a great contribution to the Jazz festival at Easter.
With the quiz night to finish off Friday these girls and their families had a very busy end to their week (and hopefully a profitable one).


At the BOPSS Senior Volleyball Finals on the weekend our Senior A team made it through to the finals and was second to Otumoetai on the day. Our other teams played strongly and made their way through to quarter and semi-finals as they battled it out with other Bay schools. Junior A won their section.


At the North Island Secondary School Championships at Karapiro our girls had a very good day on Sunday, making three B and Four A finals and gaining two silver medals and a bronze. They are well placed to take on the challenge of Maadi in two weeks’ time

Surf Lifesaving

From the surf lifesaving championships Caroline Bird reports that Molly Alton got gold in the U19 ski relay and Rebecca Barron and Abbie Mortimer won gold in the U16 beach relay.

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