Further Success for Young Enterprise Student

Further Success for Young Enterprise Student - Tauranga Girls' College

After winning a place on the ‘Entrepreneur in Action’ challenge, Abbey Crawford has won further prizes and accolades.

On Friday 29 th June, Abbey Crawford as part of the OffKuts team for Young Enterprise jetted off to Wellington to take part in a weekend consisting of 2 challenges: Genesis energy product development and developing a market strategy into South America.

Students were placed into mixed teams from different schools. After 2 full days and little sleep to perfect their challenges, Abbey’s team ‘Asia NZ’ was the first team in history to win both challenges. This was a massive achievement showing not only how much they learned from mentors, but also how much they developed as a team, in such a short period of time.

The first challenge prize was a brand new top of the line speaker, and the second challenge prize was a fully paid trip to Brazil with her team. The team will travel to Brazil later this year. They have also won a $7,000 scholarship each for future study at Massey University.


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