2019 Leaders Announced

2019 Leaders Announced - Tauranga Girls' College

This morning was a very special moment here at TGC. The 2019 Senior Leaders were announced.

In 2019 we are pursuing an innovative approach to the Senior Leaders. Instead of our traditional "Top Four", seven leadership positions have been created, all these positions are supported by senior prefects. This aims to strengthen student agency and advocacy through leadership opportunities.

Head Girl: Maioha Haimona-Ngawharau

Deputy Head Girl of Learning: Akira McTavish-Huriwai

Deptuty Head Girl of Sport: Abbie Mortimer

Deputy Head Girl of Cultural Diversity: Akuira Haimona-Ngawharau

Deputy Head Girl of Arts: Emily Newbury

Deputy Head Girl of Communications and Publicity: Lily Alton

Deputy Head Girl of House Spirit: Rachel Weston

Congratulations to our 2019 Senior Leaders and Prefects.

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