Microsoft Office 4 Free

– Free for Tauranga Girls' College students


 Versions available:

  • Mac, iPad, iPhone

  • Windows, RT, Phone, Tablet

  • Android Mobile (Not Android tablet at this time)

To Get it

  • Go to Office365

  • Login in with your

  • Click on the cog  and choose Office 365 Settings

  • Choose the software you want

  • Note – if you have windows XP, you will need to install Office2010

To set up Office365

  • Depends on the device

  • On PC or Mac, you can connect directly to your school account (

  • On Mobile devices you may need to setup first with a personal Microsoft account (hotmail,,, etc), then you can add your school account.


Collect information, organise your notes and share with others.
Get it from your app store (itunes, PlayStore or Windows)

Set Up OneNote

  • Depends on the device

  • Connect first to your Microsoft Account (Hotmail,,, etc)

  • Once connected you can then connect to your school account if you wish ([email protected])


Other Software

There are lots of good open source/freeware titles available

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