School Transport Assistance

Latest Change - updated 1 April 2015

School Transport Assistance


Change to the eligibility rules of

School Transport Assistance

from March 2014.

There has been a small change to one of the eligibility rules for the School Transport Assistance. 
It has been decided that it is more logical to change the distance eligibility at Year 9.
This rule change will mainly affect students in Years 7 and 8 and only those living between 3.2km and 4.8km from their nearest appropriate school.
This rule change will mean that more students will be eligible for assistance – either a school bus place, a Conveyance Allowance for their parents to assist with the costs of transport or in a limited number of cases, both.
It could also mean that some students who are currently paying a fare to their local bus company, might be eligible for a free school bus.
Also, there is a risk that some students who will continue to be ineligible may no longer be able to access the service as a fare paying passenger, if legal bus loading limits are reached. 

Guidance on the rules of School Transport Assistance and the application form is available from the Ministry’s website – School Transport Eligibility 

The school transport information on the Ministry’s website has been updated to reflect this change. See School Transport Information. Also see the School Transport Factsheets

For local information there is now a new website School Transport

One of the important factsheets is included below for downloading, however if you require more information please go to the School Transport websites.
Also note there is a document from the BayBus Service which can be found below or on their website at BayBus


For students using buses from Omokoroa, Te Puna...  There will be a fare of $300 per year to be paid to your school, this fare will be reviewed annually.


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