General Information 

If a student is to be away from school it is essential that a parent makes contact with the school by leaving a message on the absence extension number. If it is not possible to contact the school, students must always, on the first day of return to College, give a note signed by their parent to their Tutor. The note should give the reason for and date of their absence. We allow a maximum of 15 days absence in one year.
During school hours, students must be in class unless they are carrying a permission slip from their teacher.

Students who are ill during the day, or who are injured while at school, are attended to in the Health Centre. The nurse is available to students from 8.45am to 2.45pm Monday-Friday. Students who require medication during the day should leave it with the nurse. If a student is too ill to remain at school, she must report to the Health Centre or Student Reception for contact to be made with parents. It is not acceptable for students to use cell phones to call parents to collect them.
The Student Health Co-ordinator, Mrs Vaaulu, is available to students and staff. Her role is to provide positive and on-going support and resources in the health area.
A doctor runs a free adolescent medical clinic at the College every Thursday. Parent permission is required for students to access this service.
Parents are asked to advise the College of any physical disability or medical condition which could affect the student at school so that correct first aid may be administered in cases of emergency.

Students must always wear correct school uniform. Students who are not correctly dressed should be issued with a uniform detention by the tutor group teacher. All data must be entered on KAMAR. Parents need to be contacted when students are persistently wearing incorrect uniform. If uniform detentions do not solve the problem the student can be referred to the year level Dean.

Students who have dental, medical or specialist appointments during school hours must bring a note from their parents to Student Reception no later than 8.55 am. It will be counter-signed and entered on the Attendance Database.
During interval and lunchtime all students are expected to remain on the College campus. If an emergency arises, a special lunch pass may be issued by the Deputy Principals.

Bicycle racks are provided and are located off the 22nd Avenue entrance. Students must wear a cycle helmet and have a method of securing and identifying their cycle. Cycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds and the Road Code applies at all times.

Bus Transport is provided by the Tauranga Schools’ Transport Group as an assistance to parents in getting students to school. To be eligible for bus transport, students must live 4.8 km or more from their nearest College. Bus route information is available in December and final arrangements are made at the commencement of the school year. A bus pass will be issued to your daughter for her to demonstrate to the bus driver her entitlement to travel by bus. Students who use this service are expected to show concern for the health and safety of others when travelling on buses. If you have any concerns about buses, please telephone and ask to speak to Mrs Taylor.

Cars may be used to travel to school if necessary and students who intend to use a car must register their intention with the Deputy Principal. Consent forms are available from Student Reception. Cars are to be used before and after school only and in accordance with licensing regulations. Street parking only is available for students, requiring students to show consideration for our residential and business neighbours.

Itinerant Lessons
Lessons are government funded and offered to those who enrol. They are considered to be part of the school programme. 
Lessons work on a rotating timetable, in most terms a student will miss class for 2 ½ periods in any given curriculum subject. Students must attend lessons unless they have: an internal assessment scheduled, illness, bereavement or school trip. Lesson groups and timetables are on the wall opposite the drama block. Students should leave class 2 minutes before lesson begins and return within 5 minutes of completion. They are expected to catch up on any work that they miss due to the lesson. Email Ms Geor if you have queries.

The library is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm each day. To go to the library during class hours students need a note from their teacher.

The Principal sends out newsletters on the first Wednesday of every month. The most recent newsletter can always be found on the school website at Educational news, student achievements and activities, and events for parents are brought to your attention each month. Other events and opportunities your daughter may be offered by her teachers will be communicated to you as they arise.

Neither the use nor possession of cigarettes, cigarette lighters, alcohol or drugs is permitted at school, when in school uniform, or at any school function.

Cell phones are not required at school. Any cell phone used or turned on during class time will be
confiscated. Lost or missing cell phones remain the student’s responsibility.
All articles of clothing and possessions should be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Valuable articles
and large sums of money should not be brought to school. Any fees or payments may be deposited at the Fees Office before 8.35 am.

A limited number of lockers are available. If a student requires a locker she may apply to the Deputy
Principal in charge of resources. A combination lock will be required.

Any lost property should be reported immediately to a teacher and to the Nurse in the Health Centre, where lost property is kept. Named property is returned to students. If property is stolen it must be reported immediately to the classroom teacher and to Student Reception.

Students are not permitted to have visitors at school. All visitors are required to register themselves at our reception desk.

For Further Information please download this booklet

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