Understanding Bring Your Own Chromebook at Tauranga Girls’ College

Tauranga Girls’ College has decided our chosen device that students will bring to school from 2018 onwards will be a Chromebook. We see Chromebooks as a fit for purpose option that will ultimately enhance learning for our students. Chromebooks have great battery life, boot up in seconds, are durable and affordable.  All of these are key considerations that were taken into account when deciding on the Chromebook as being the device that will enhance learning.

All Chromebooks will be managed through Chrome Education. This will ensure that the key focus of using technology in class will be to enhance learning and ensure that we are providing our students with the skills that they need to be successful as they become more future focused.

There are often three key concerns that parents/guardians have when being asked to purchase a device for their child(s) learning. These concerns, and the solutions that Chrome Education provides through device management, are outlined below:

How can you ensure my child is safe online when they are at home?

When a device is enrolled to a school’s domain with a Chrome Education license, that device will act in the same way no matter if the student is at school, home, or a friends house. This is because it is device settings rather than network settings that are being applied. Therefore, safe search settings, various levels of YouTube restrictions and blocked URL’s can be applied to the device 100% of the time.

How can you ensure that this will be a tool for learning rather than a toy?

Because the device can be locked down to users of the school domain, schools can disable various apps and extensions that may become a distraction from learning. For Chromebooks that can access Android apps through the Google Play store, only school approved apps will be shown. Schools can also block various online games that they deem are not enhancing learning in any way. Parents are investing in the device to enhance learning for their daughter, therefore, it is important to create an environment that allows this to happen.

What happens if my daughter loses her device or it is stolen?

When a Chromebook is managed through Chrome Education, any lost or stolen devices can be disabled. When this happens, the device essentially goes blank with a customised message saying which address to return the device to. The Chromebook cannot be reset, so it will stay locked until the device is returned.

The cost of the license to manage the Chromebook will be covered by Tauranga Girls’ College for all Year 9 students in 2018.  When your daughter brings her Chromebook to school for the first time, the device will be enrolled on the school domain and the Chrome Education license is then applied.

Note: Tauranga Girls’ College will not be allowing unmanaged devices onto the school network for learning purposes for Year 9 students from 2018.

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