Our Houses

Batten House: Colour: Green and Mascot: Kermit the Frog

Freyberg House: Colour: Red and Mascot: Elmo

Mansfield House: Colour: Yellow and Mascot: Big Bird 

Rutherford House: Colour: Blue and Mascot: Cookie Monster

These are the four Houses of Tauranga Girls College.

All students are assigned to one of these vertical houses, named for prominent New Zealanders with characteristics that girls can aspire to.

The presence of two male and two female role models are both for balance and also acknowledging the link to Hillsdene, the coeducational college from which both Tauranga Boys’ College and Tauranga Girls’ College were founded in 1958.

Competition between the Houses is fierce, for the House Shield, and students gain points from sporting and cultural participation that decide the order of the Houses for any given year. 

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