Every student attending the College agrees on enrolment to wear the uniform fully and correctly. The manner in which our students present themselves for daily work reflects their sense of pride. To maintain personal status and high standards for our College, it is important that all our students are well presented.


Years 9-11

  • Navy blue / mid blue check wool polyester (material pattern BPW096) pleated skirt. Knee length.

Years 12-13

  • Navy blue wool - polyester pleated skirt. Knee length.


  • Tauranga Girls’ College monogrammed polo shirt with blue and black striped collar or a white cotton, non-ribbed, roll-neck long sleeved skivvy (winter only).

  • Jersey or Micro-fleece Tauranga Girls’ College, navy blue, striped V-neck woollen jersey.

  • Tauranga Girls’ College, navy blue, monogrammed zip front fleece. 


  • Plain white ankle socks or navy blue/black/ skin colour opaque pantyhose.

  • Black leather regulation lace-up flat shoes or blue Roman Sandals or McKinlays navy Safari sandal in summer. (Platform soles are not acceptable).


  • Tauranga Girls’ College regulation Jacket or Tauranga Girls’ College Blazer or a plain navy blue anorak/parka. 


  • Navy Blue


  • Business shirt, Tauranga Girls’ College tie.


  • A wrist watch, one sleeper or stud in each ear and hair ribbons of school colour are permitted


Physical Education Activities

  • Navy Taslon shorts.

  • Plain white blouse or T-shirt or Tauranga Girls’ College T-shirt (Active Outdoor Clothing - Devonport Road).

  • Swimwear (not bikinis)

  • For winter, navy blue tracksuit pants or the regulation tracksuit pants and sports shoes are optional.




  • Active Schoolwear - 111 Grey Street Tauranga 
  • The Warehouse, Fraser Cove
  • NZ Uniforms - 371 Cameron Road Tauranga



Second Hand Clothing
 is available from the following supplier link:

Active Schoolwear 

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