Enrolment Zones

(as at 19 April 2013)
The Secretary for Education has approved the need for Tauranga Girls’ College Board of
Trustees to operate an enrolment scheme under S11 Education Act 1989 in order to prevent
The legislation requires the Board of Trustees to create a geographic zone and families who
live within that zone are guaranteed enrolment. Proof of residency will be requested.

The Geographic Zone For Tauranga Girls’ College

Students will be offered enrolment if their usual place of residence is on the Tauranga Girls' College side of the following road boundaries:

Out of Zone Applicants

There will be an estimated forty places available on application to out-of-zone applicants.
These will be processed in the following order of priority:  For further information please feel free to click on the below link to download the full documentation

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