“Aiming for excellence” – a five year pathway to Scholarship

Junior School

All students are tested on entry and high achieving students identified.
The Director of Junior High Achievers oversees the provision of a two year enrichment programme for all identified High Achievers.
This programme, based around a compacted core curriculum and including an annual retreat, is designed to extend and enrich learning and provide the foundation for achievement of excellence in the Senior School.
A register of high achievers across the school is maintained and acceleration is available for
individual students on identified ability.
See Year 9 or Year 10 programmes

Senior School

The Director of Senior High Achievers role is to provide mentoring and tutorial support throughout the senior school and a specific Scholarship preparation programme for Year 13 High Achievers.
The Senior School is structured to provide flexibility of choice of subjects by offering free choice to all students.
Broad band streaming in Year 11 is offered in Mathematics, Science, and English while in Year 12 and 13 Subject choice further groups students of similar ability.
Acceleration and multi-level study in the Senior School is available for individual students on identified ability.
Other strategies to facilitate academic success include:

See Year 11Year 12 and Year 13 programmes.


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