German Exchange

Germany - New Zealand Exchange Scheme Details

On this sheet is described a scheme which will make it possible for our students of German to experience life with a German family for a period of eight weeks and at a relatively low cost. We see it as an incentive for our senior language students to continue with their studies, and we recommend it to you as a valuable and worthwhile experience.
Who is the Organiser ?
In Germany, the Education Department for the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia, based in the city of Düsseldorf.
In New Zealand, on behalf of the New Zealand Government, Margot Glaser-Brown, Language Teacher at Tauranga Girls’ College is the Germany / New Zealand Exchange Coordinator.
Who Can Go ?
Students of German who will begin Year 12 in the year of the exchange. (and also exceptional Year 11 students. They should be aware that their German partners will be slightly older.)
Where Will Our Students Go ?
To various towns and cities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
What Will They Do There ?
They will stay with a German host family.
They will be required to regularly attend a high school in Germany.
The German authorities have offered to organise an excursion to Berlin. This would be optional. The cost of this tour is approximately NZ$700 and includes transport, accommodation, most meals and a programme.
What Will It Cost ?
An administration charge of $60 with application form - Non refundable.
The air fare, based on a group booking of 20 is approximately $4400 return.
Insurance, passport, fees etc. ($200) The amount is payable in instalments beginning in mid April.
Berlin (optional) $700 - payable end of September.
Spending Money (a minimum of $1500 as a rough guide).
Please note: costs may slightly vary from year to year.
When And For How Long ?
Seven weeks from early December to the end of January. Note this is the European winter.

How Will The Exchange Students Be Supervised ?
The participants will fly as a group to Düsseldorf, accompanied by at least one teacher.
Whilst in Germany, supervision is mainly the responsibility of the German host family, but teacher(s) accompanying the group and the exchange organisers at the German Education department can be contacted in any eventuality.
What Is Expected Of The New Zealand Host Family ?
The Exchange is from family to family.
It is expected that the New Zealand family would host the German partner for 7 to 8 weeks between February and Easter.
The host family is expected to provide for their German guest as they would for their own child. The same is expected of the German host families.
Should a New Zealand family wish to participate in the scheme by hosting a German student without sending their own son or daughter to Germany, this may be possible. Please indicate clearly on the application form if you wish to do this.
How To Apply 
If you are interested please fill in the application forms from your German teacher and give them to your German teacher by February 26 2010, who will send it to Margot Glaser-Brown (please see address below). Any applications received after this date may not be processed.
Please note that a deposit of approximately $350 will be required in mid April and a further instalment of $1500 in July. Should you have a valid reason for withdrawing from the exchange after this date, you would need to advise the insurance company. We have found it necessary to request this amount as early as this because withdrawals can increase the price for the rest of the group. The balance of the fare is due by 30 September. The Berlin Money is also required in September.
Do You Have Any Other Questions ?
If so please contact Margot Glaser-Brown.
Margot Glaser-Brown
Tauranga Girls’ College
930 Cameron Road
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 5788 114 ext.763 Home: 07 5700 347

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