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Whakatauki for the Week:

"He mauri tō te tangata, he whakapapa tōna, he mana motuhake."

"Everyone has mana. Everyone has a whakapapa, a genealogy, heritage and identity that makes that person no more and no less important than the next person"

 When we learn to treat everyone with care and respect, there are fewer barriers to establishing and maintaining relationships.



IMPORTANT. WHAKAPIKI MATAURANGA - Tuesdays and Thursday . Are you struggling with school work or just want some extra support? Whakapiki Matauranga aims to support you in whatever way you want. We'll meet for kai in the International Dept at 3.30pm then move to the Library at 4pm. Nau mai, haere mai!
- Tuesday 20th November, 2018 (VLT)
All students and staff are invited to come and purchase food and gifts from around the world at our 'World Cafe' event in the restaurant space in F Block, at lunch time on Friday 23 November. Food will cost between $1 - $3.
- Saturday 17th November, 2018 (KGH)
Mini Council meeting this Thursday lunchtime in a new location please girls - F7. Full Attendance please and bring to the meeting any more tree money!
- Thursday 22nd November, 2018 (LHD)
Archery every Wednesday after school.
You must be registered:
have handed in a consent form,
have completed the safety training.
See Mr Pitt in K2 if you want to join up.
Juniors can get Junior Diploma Points.
- Wednesday 21st November, 2018 (PTD)

General Notices

Can junior students please return any overdue books asap. The library needs to do a stocktake. If you join the Summer Reading Club you can take out books over the summer. These books will be issued on Thursday 06 & Friday 07 December. Visit the library to pick up a permission letter.
All junior students must be on the back field at interval and lunch breaks during the NCEA exams. This will finish on Friday 30 November.
Students are not to be in classrooms during break times unless there is a wet lunchtime.
Please be quiet when moving past J Block.
10FEC/SCI HND - your classes will be in A10 now until after NCEA on 30 November.
Instead of tutor time on Tuesday 27 Nov , there will be a meeting for your Activity day. You'll go over the outline of the day and be given any valuable instructions.

Year 9
Zoo -K1, Camp- A13, Adrenaline Park- Gym , Historic Village -E7, Environmental- Hall, Luge- F6, escape room- J113

Year 10
Zoo- K2, camp- E1, Adrenaline Park -Gym , Historic Village- E7, Environmental -Hall , Luge -G1, escape room- E4

If you are unsure, please go to the Hall.
P1: 10NBL go to E7, 10RBN go to G3, 10RPT go to E6, 10SML go to G1

P2: 9CNG go to K5, 9FNG go to E6, 9PLD go to G1, 10RBN go to E1

P3: 9BMY go to E1, 9HVY go to E4, 9LNE go to G3, 9MCC go to E3, 9CNG go to E5

P4: 9CNG go to E1, 9HVY go to K4, 9MJA go to E7, 9MST go to E3, 9PLD go to K5

P5: 10BLL go to E7, 10FEC go to E3, 10GSL go to E1
Tutor Time: 9BBE go to E2, 9HVY go to K4, 10HGS go to G1, 10RBN go to E8

P1: 9BBE go to E3, 9MJA go to E7, 10RMY go to E4, 10TAA go to E8

P2: 10GSL go to E1

P3: 9BMY go to E1, 9HVY go to K4

P4: 10HGS go to J126, 10RBN go to G3, 10RPT go to E6, 10TAA go to E4

P5: 9FNG go to E6, 9HVY go to E4, 9LNE go to G3, 9MST go to K4
A massive tree size reminder to all Year 10's to "find the love" and bring in $1.00 or more, to contribute to your TGC tree planting project. Remember that there is a pizza lunch shout from Mrs Lochhead for the tutor group who has handed in at the very least, $1.00 from each and every student in their tutor group class. Mini Councillors, ensure you record this please.

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