Vocational Pathways 

              Vocational Pathways   The six new Vocational Pathways are designed to improve the relevance of learning for students by indicating how their learning and achievement is valued by broad sectors of the workforce. Each has been colour coded for ease of recognition to help students, parents, whānau and teachers planning study programmes  
  Pathways are a way of looking at the subjects students are taking at school and where they may lead to in the future either in training/tertiary or the workforce.  
  Below is an example of what will be shown for each student and how their subjects relate to the six pathways. Students and parents will then get an idea of where subjects may lead to and what interests the students may have:  
  Vocational Pathways   Vocational Pathways  

Vocational Pathways Award

This will be gained if a student:

  • Achieves NCEA L2

  • Achieves Literacy & Numeracy requirements at L1

  • Achieves 60 L2 credits from recommended standards including

  • At least 20 L2 credits from sector related standards

  Visit www.youthguarantee.net.nz to build a profile.
The profile builder is the new online tool to create a Vocational Profile. Students and educators can enter the standards achieved using the assessment standards, to build an individual profile on www.nzqa.govt.nz students can log on and see their own profile made by their results gained

For more information watch the below video or go to the above websites


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