• Year 11 Smart Steps
  • Year 12/13 Employment Skills A
  • Year 12/13 Employment Skills B
  • Year 12/13 Driver Education

Janet Whiteman
Pam Foyle
Leonie Summerville

Year 11 Smart Steps:

  • NCEA Level 1 Unit Standards
  • Includes personal development and presentation, team building, essential first aid course, computing skills for survival, knowledge of law enforcement, community awareness and more
  • Opportunities to participate with local training providers
  • Pathway to Employment Skills A and B courses and/or further training towards the world of work
  • Contributes to the Vocational Pathways
Year 12/13 Employment Skills A and B:
  • NCEA Level 1 and 2 (A) and Level 2 and 3 (B)
  • Contribute to the Vocational Pathways
  • Students build on their NCEA profile while preparing for further training and/or employment.
  • Includes community awareness and services and modules to gain skills and strategies in CV preparation, career planning, job preparation/search/application, customer service, communication, self-management, problem-solving, cultural awareness and diversity.
  • Work experience primarily through the Gateway programme
  • Involvement with other training providers
Year 12/13 Driver Education:
  • NCEA and Vocational Pathways Level 2 Unit Standards
  • Includes traffic law, driving hazards and risk reduction, safe night driving, contributing factors to and consequences of road crashes, knowledge of stress, health and fatigue for driving, dynamics and techniques for managing light motor vehicles


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