Drama at Tauranga Girls College

Drama students at Tauranga Girls’ College learn to communicate effectively, express ideas with confidence and explore the world around us, in a practical environment. Our students are expert collaborative learners who understand that commitment, team work and creativity are the building blocks to success both on and off the stage.  The girls are supported by a team of drama teachers whose love for the arts and dedication to the students is reflected in excellent academic success and innovative, dynamic performance.
Our Drama students have many opportunities to showcase their work to the wider community and experience “real life” performance conditions, utilising our well-resourced facilities on numerous occasions throughout the year.
We are commitment to providing our students with many opportunities to learn from and connect with the wider arts community. We facilitate workshops, in school performances and Q & As with industry professionals. We attend shows at Baycourt Theatre in Tauranga as well as travelling to Auckland to view Auckland Theatre Company and Unitec performances at least twice a year.

Drama Pathways


Major Production

Junior Production

Shakespeare Festival

Theatre Trips

Year 13 Production
“I regard theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being”
Oscar Wilde

Ana Morris – Head Girl 2015
“I have chosen to take drama at Tauranga Girls' College because it is a subject that isn't about regurgitating facts and rote learning information. Drama is an art form that challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and tackle challenges that have not only served me academically, but personally. I enjoy the thrill of live theatre, the opportunity to embody characters who are different to me. I love creating pieces of drama that people can hopefully remember for a long time. Drama gives me the ability to learn about fictional characters, famous/infamous historical figures/situations, and the psychology of others. I have been pushed emotionally, mentally and physically to do my roles justice. The part of Drama at Tauranga Girls' College I love the most is that for those few minutes on stage, we can completely forget about all our own worries and embody someone completely different. No other subject enables the students to grow this much as people in a completely safe and welcoming environment.” 

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