Our Sports Policies & Procedures

Sport Policy


The Board of Trustees, in accordance with Charter Goals, provides for sport in the curriculum to ensure equity of sporting opportunity.


  1. All students have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in physical competition and recreation.
  2. Staff, students, organisations and volunteers are encouraged to offer a competitive or recreational physical activity for our students.
  3. Participation, achievement and excellence are recognised and recorded.
  4. Students are encouraged to represent their college.
  5. Effective management and positive promotion of Tauranga Girls’ College sport are facilitated.


  • The Principal will report annually:

    • Number of students, staff, organisations and volunteers who participate

    • the breadth of physical activities made available to students

    • coaching and umpire training undertaken

    • sport leadership undertaken by students

    • strategies to provide equity of opportunity

    • student needs and expectations identified through consultation.

  • Achievements of Tauranga Girls’ College sport are reported and congratulated as they occur, annual award ceremony is documented, student participation is recorded on ROA, and staff participation is recorded on staff appraisal record. Board of Trustees acknowledges excellence

  • Students participate for Tauranga Girls’ College except where the school cannot offer a sport at the level required by the student.

  • All sports uniforms for the season are approved and are worn as approved

  • Students, parents, staff and volunteers apply the school’s Code of Conduct and the Hillary Commission’s Fair Play Charter.

  • Parents receive comprehensive and timely information including early warning of cost and the College’s expectations in participation.

  • Health and safety requirements are complied with.

  • Financial management is within budget, sources of income and staffing resources are identified.

  • Asset maintenance and purchases are recorded.

Tauranga Girls’ College is a SPORTSMARK College

Health & Safety Guidance for School Sport - MOE

Tgc Sports Manual 2016

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