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This Policy applies to the Tauranga Girls’ College 2016 Player Selection and replaces all previous selection policies and procedures for these teams.


Tauranga Girls College Director of Sport and Tauranga Girls College Teacher in Charge of each sports code will appoint management for the teams, including Coaches following the Coach Selection Policy


3.1 The Selection Panel wherever possible, will include the coach(es) and at least two other appointed selectors with sound coaching background in the sport. (Usually one representative from the school and one external representative)
3.2 The Selection Panel may meet to discuss issues of selection and may seek the views of others on certain players but any final selection rests solely with the Selection Panel.
3.3 Any member of the Selection Panel, who has an association with any player that could give rise to a question of bias or conflict of interest in the selection process, will defer from selection discussions on that particular player (ie: parent as coach)
The Final selections will usually be made based on the views of the majority of the Selection Panel, however where there is no clear majority, the Coach of that team will make the final decision.

All documentation used by the Selection Panel will be retained by the Coach till the end of the season.


4.1 The Primary objective of Tauranga Girls’ College is to select teams from the players attending Tauranga Girls’ College trials on the set dates. Players are preferred to have attended at least 2 of the trials however in some circumstances (discussed with selectors prior to trials) previous performances will be considered in the selection process.
4.2 The Selection Policy is that:
(a) The number of players to be selected for each team will be announced at beginning of the trial process.
(b) The players will be of the school year that they are trialling for but the selection panel reserves the right to select a player from a lower year if is deemed by the selectors that that there is no one in the older year group of similar or higher ability
(c) Players can be removed from the Team’s at any time if they have displayed inappropriate behaviour or conduct or an unsatisfactory attitude, lack of commitment, non-compliance or non attendance with training requirements.
(d) Players need to have returned all uniforms and cleared any outstanding debts to the school before participating in trials.
When selecting players for the Teams, the Selection Panel shall apply the criteria and considerations set out below.

Core Playing Competencies:

  • Sound skill base and developing consistency of performance on field/court.
  • Displays developing tactical awareness and understanding and is establishing some consistency in making appropriate decisions in demanding situations.
  • Shows ability to use flair and innovation in their game.
  • Is committed to achieving and maintaining fitness required for this level of competition.
  • Ability to sustain intensity in performance throughout game.
  • Shows the potential skills and capabilities to represent Tauranga Girls College at the highest level.

Core Personal Qualities:

  • Demonstrates team qualities and a readiness to listen, learn and apply learning.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Shows discipline on and off the field/court.
  • Shows developing ability to withstand pressure on and off the field/court.
  • Versatility, consistency and adaptability.
  • Ability to serve as a role model for others.
  • Dedicated and committed to developing the competencies required.

Consideration will also be given to the following factors:

  • Fit within the team environment.
  • State of fitness, health and well-being.
  • Positional balance within team.
  • Succession planning.
  • Previous & current form or performance of incumbent team members.
  • Balance of experience and youth.
  • Whether a player's performance and/or contribution has been affected by extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury, bereavement, study commitments or similar which have temporarily compromised their form and/or recent contribution.
  • Such other factors as the selectors consider in their opinion and in their complete discretion, to be relevant and appropriate.

4.3 Providing the Selection Panel has considered the above criteria and exercised their discretion and judgement, in good faith, then the Selection Panel will have fulfilled all of its obligations under this Policy.
4.4 The Selection Panel will observe players at a minimum of two trials to ensure players are given adequate opportunities to be viewed prior to final selections for the Teams. All trialists will be viewed at least twice on the court and in their two preferred playing positions. Dates for trials will be set early, giving players 4 – 6 weeks’ notice.

Following the selection of the Teams

  • The Team will be announced by Wednesday 13th April 2016.
  • Unsuccessful players may apply in writing to the school’s Teacher in charge of the sports code within 5 days of the naming of the team for specific feedback
  • Players will fully comply with training requirements as set out by the Team Coach.
  • Players will abide by the Team Code of Conduct. (to be developed by the Team)
  • Players will adhere to all schools rules & policies including the Players Code of Behaviour.

In case of injuries the committee will go back to the selection sheets and bring in the next player that is suited to the position on field/court. That player should of trialled for the Team to be eligible to play in the Team but if due to injury or other circumstances, another player can be bought in to replace a player.

All students’ must trial for a Tauranga Girls’ College team before a request to be release to play club sport is will be considered. All requests musts be completed on the ‘release form’ and submitted to the Director of Sport, Kaye Barnett, for consideration.
Requests for release will be considered with consultation with the student, parents, TGC coach and the school.

7.1 If Tauranga Girls’ College is unable to offer a team at the level a student needs to play at to continue to develop their skill set then a release will be granted. It is hoped that the student will still play for the school as well to help improve the standard of the sport code.
7.2 If a student wants to play in both a TGC team and a club team then a release form still needs to be completed and will be consider on its merits. Player welfare is the primary consideration when considering the release.

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