Tauranga Girls’ College Charter



Empowering tomorrow’s women for a Different Tomorrow. 


To create a safe, stimulating and exciting learning environment that allows each student to develop her academic, cultural and sporting potential.

 Tauranga Girls’ College is a member of a Community of Learning whose vision statement is:

 ‘To collaboratively enable innovation and rich learning opportunities as the basis for raising student engagement, accelerating student progress and achievement, effectively transitioning students, and to foster the growth of the whole individual’  


In line with their responsibilities under the Education Act, the National Administration Guidelines and National Educational Guidelines the Board aims:

  1. To provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students.


  • To maintain a strong pastoral network available to all students.
  • To provide induction programmes for new students.
  • To achieve high standards of self-discipline and conduct.


  1. To foster the language and value of the Maori Culture to New Zealand, consistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.


  • To foster participation and success by Maori students. 
  • To give people from other cultures an understanding of Maori culture. 
  • To promote the use of Maori language.


  1. To create an environment where there is respect and understanding of cultural differences.


  • To create opportunities for students to gain an understanding of other cultures.
  • To encourage tolerance and respect for each other.


    4.To develop a budget that will provide the best possible environment for staff and student performance.


  • To ensure effective financial management of the school property assets and resources.
  • To allocate funds that reflect the School’s Charter priorities


  1. To comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements


  • To ensure effective compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.




Tauranga Girls’ College Values - “empowering tomorrow’s women”


RESPECT (Manaakitanga)

  • Be positive, caring and encouraging
  • Be accepting of difference
  • Respect other people’s right to learn
  • Have good manners and act with integrity


  • Aim high and get involved
  • Show leadership
  • Meet deadlines and commitments
  • Be on time and prepared to learn

 PRIDE (Mana Motuhake)

  • Be the best we can be
  • Be proud of ourselves and of our achievements
  • Be proud to be problem solvers and innovators
  • Be proud to be a member of our diverse school community


“By encouraging individual responsibility, integrity and respect for the rights of others”

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