Bring Your Own Technology - Frequently Asked Questions


What device is a good device?


This is an evolving answer, because it depends on what the current market is offering, the time of year, and the specials being offered, etc.

It will also depend on the specific curriculum your daughter will be taking.

Example: If your daughter is taking multimedia art, she will need a different specification laptop to someone who is taking English or Technology (CAD)



What sort of device should I buy for my daughter?


The best people to talk to about this are the specific teachers who are teaching your daughter. They have a specific curriculum that they will be teaching and will know how best your daughter can help herself in her learning through using her own device.

Please be aware the school has school owned devices, for those students who do not bring in their own technology. There are currently 22 x laptop trolleys (16 laptops on each) as well as dedicated computer labs throughout the school



Does it matter if it is a Windows, Apple or Chromebook device?


This is completely dependent on what your daughter is learning in her specific curriculum and if there is specific piece of software she needs to be able to run or use in her classes.

We are a Microsoft Windows based school.



Who is responsible for the device my daughter brings to school


Your daughter and ultimately you are responsible for the device.

This includes but is not limited to:

Ensuring that this device is powered and ready for the classroom daily activities.

Secure from unauthorised access (using a password to login),

Protecting against virus (using antivirus) and

Backing up the data to another storage location (google drive / dropbox / icloud).

Please ensure you have adequate warranties and insurances to cover any damages or losses that may occur.


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