History Trip to Russia and Eastern Europe 2015

History Trip 2015

During the recent school holidays an amazing time was experienced by senior History students in Russia, Germany and Poland. The programme was designed to focus on major topics studied, particularly the Russian Revolution, Hitler’s Germany, World War 2, the Holocaust especially in Poland (we went to Auschwitz), and the Cold War. It also provided an enriching range of cultural experiences, and of course plenty of shopping.

Some comments from students : ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’; ‘an opportunity of a lifetime for me to see the places I’ve been studying’; ‘a trip of a lifetime, it has always been a dream of mine to visit places I’ve learnt about and Russia, Germany and Poland are 3 places I most wanted to visit’; ‘European history is pretty cool, to be able to experience the places where historical events took place and iconic people have lived, being able to travel with people my own age/school is a good experience; ‘not a trip you would go on yourself, I enjoy history and was excited to learn new aspects of the topics we have been studying’; ‘an opportunity of a lifetime for me to see the places we have been studying.’

We covered 45,000 kms, the weather was great and we had a memorable two weeks..



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